Illinois Educational Technology Leaders

Founded in August 2014, the Illinois Educational Technology Leaders (IETL) is the premier professional association for school technology leaders in Illinois. IETL is committed to connecting members, supporting professional advancement, and promoting professionalism in school technology leadership.

IETL was created through the combination of two professional organizations: Illinois Chief Technology Officers (ILCTO) and the Education Technology Council of Illinois (ETC-IL).

Our Vision

IETL is the premier professional association for school technology leaders of Illinois.

Our Mission

Empowering Illinois educational technology leaders to transform student learning.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Technology is a critical tool to personalize learning and overcome barriers of time and space for each learner.
  • Equitable and ubiquitous access to technology is a necessity.
  • Technological fluency allows our children to be prepared for the world of today and tomorrow.
  • To maximize the benefits of technology solutions the district technology leader should be part of the executive leadership team (CTO, CIO, Director of Technology Services, Director of Instructional Technology, etc.) of the education organization.
  • Collaboration with other educational professions is essential to strategic leadership.

IETL Focus Areas

IETL is focused on the following three focus areas and strategies:

  • CTO Skills: Enhance the skills and competencies of CTOs and raise expectations for the CTO Role.
    • Professional learning: CTO Connections, CETL, etc.
    • Networking Events: Quarterly Workshops, CTO Summit
    • Mentoring Opportunities
    • IETL and CoSN Resources
  • Best-Practices: Establish and recommend best-practices for effective technology implementation and systems management.
    • Collaborating across districts, District Recruitment
    • Networking Events: Quarterly Workshops, CTO Summit
    • Industry Expertise
    • IETL and CoSN Resources
  • Voice: Coordinate with state organizations on education technology as a means of enhancing learning opportunities.
    • Ongoing Discussions with ISBE, IDEA, LTC, IASBO, and IASA
    • Legislative engagement
    • CoSN Voice