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Below you will find your IETL membership discounts.

FY 2019-2020 School District Discounts

  • IETL Offerings for member districts that signup before June 30, 2021
    • IETL will cover the cost for the CETL® Exam for any member district who is interested in participating (Limit 1 per member district – $349 value). In addition, for those who recently took the CETL® Exam this school year, IETL will reimburse all current member districts $200 for the application expense.
    • IETL will also reimburse all current districts who complete the TLE Certification up to $200 for the expense of the application.
      • $100 for Small and Medium Districts
      • $200 for Large and Mega-Large Districts
    • No cost CETL® Immersion Course provided by IETL ($349 value)
  • KnowBe4 – Simulated Phishing and Training
    • 25% discount on three year subscriptions on top of a 20% discount
    • 20% discount on annual subscriptions
    • Please contact Don Ringelestein for all new KnowBe4 discounted subscription
  • EdPrivacy – K-12 Student Data Privacy Management
    • Currently discounted at 25% from the standard rate ($2.24 instead of $2.99 per student)
    • Student aggregate discounts will apply:
      • 50,000+ Students will receive a 30% discount
      • 65,000+ Students will receive a 45% discount
      • 80,000+ Students will receive a 40% discount
      • 100,000+ Students will receive a 45% discount
      • 125,000+ Students will receive a 50% discount
    • Please contact Jim Onstad at Education Framework to learn how to receive this discount