IETL is a unique blend of education and technology leaders, policy makers, and decision makers from public and private sectors from across the state of Illinois. We are:

  • Key technology leaders (Chief Technology Officers [CTOs], Chief Information Officers [CIOs], Technology Directors, etc.) from school districts, state/regional education agencies, and independent parochial and charter schools.
  • Technology decision makers who see the power of technology as a means to improve teaching and learning in their districts.
  • Policy makers committed to providing students with 21st century skills necessary for success.
  • Private sector leaders who seek a deeper understanding of the K-12 market and the use of technology in the learning and administrative process.

Member Districts

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Categories of CoSN Membership

There are three categories of membership:

  • Institutional – School districts, educational service agencies, charter or private schools, state departments of education, colleges and universities, or other associations can join CoSN as institutional members.
    • Mega Large – 50,000 Students and Greater – $1,900 Annually
    • Large – 10,000 – 49,999 Students – $1,300 Annually
    • Medium – 2,501 – 9,999 Students – $965 Annually
    • Small – 2,500 Students and Less – $340 Annually
    • Other Educational & State Agencies and Non-profit Organizations – $1,300 Annually
  • Corporate – CoSN’s corporate membership increases the visibility of a company’s products and services among K-12 education technology leaders who are responsible for district technology buying decisions.
    • Less than $2 Million in Revenue – $1,000 Annually
    • More than $2 Million in Revenue – $5,000 Annually
  • Individual – Individuals with an interest in educational technology issues, such as recent retirees, graduate students, or ed tech consultants can also become members. This membership category is not available to those who are currently working for schools, school districts, or other businesses. If you fall into this category, you must join CoSN as an Institutional or Corporate member.
    • $250 for individuals Annually

Why CoSN?

Additional Member District Benefits

  • IETL paid TLE Application
  • IETL paid CETL® Exam (Limitations apply)

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